Our Process


The Monadnock Capital Group's financial advisors work closely with clients to provide a consistent and continuous planning process. Our teams takes pride in coordinating the professionals, knowledge, and resources to manage wealth. Early in the process, we invest time getting to know our clients and their familes to make sure our partnership is a good fit.


At Monadnock Capital Group, our process is designed to provide financial life management that connects all our clients' financial goals, issues, and concerns into one integrated plan. We focus on goal planning, investment analysis, financial literacy, risk managment, tax efficiency, and withdrawal strategies.


While often considered individually, portfolio management, insurance needs and planning, tax efficiency, business owership, philanthropy, and estate planning and trust services are all factors that are interrelated. The Monadnock Capital Group's financial advisors encourage clients to think holistically about their financial health to maximize the potential for long-term financial success.




  • Our financial advisors meet with potential clients to form an understanding of the clients' financial goals, obstacles, values, and preferences in order to define the scope of our services and to create clear, measurable objectives.

  • Our financial team will work with potential clients to gather documentation on current assets, investments, and liabilities (if applicable).

  • If agreed upon, our financial advisors will conduct an open dialogue with potential clients' tax and legal advisors.


  • After the discovery process, our financial advisors will create a personalized financial plan with short and long term strategies.
  • Our financial advisors will present an investment portfolio of suitable, diversified investments to potential clients.
  • Our financial advisors will present strategies, address areas in need of improvement, and obtain feedback.


  • Once a plan, with short and long term strategies, is agreed upon and finalized, our financial team will execute the clients' plan.
  • Our financial team will contact clients to activate electronic access to their accounts, if so desired.


  • The Monadnock Capital Group firmly believes in keeping our clients informed whether by telephone, email, in person and/or in written form.
  • Clients meet on a regular basis with our financial advisors to review their portfolios and communicate thoughts on the current market environment and recommend adjustments, when appropriate, in order to stay current with changes in the market and personal goals.


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